Best dental CBCT X-Ray by Vatech at SCATE 2020

Best dental CBCT X-Ray by Vatech at SCATE 2020

Despite COVID fears, SCATE 2020 was great for us! As usual our best dental CBCT X-rays; the Green16 and PaX-i 3D Smart plus our best-selling OPG PaX-i SC took the limelight. It is heartening to see more and more practitioners realize the pros of dental digitalization versus the cons of using film for x-rays.

On our end, as an added incentive for dental digitalisation, and also taking into consideration the current turn of economy, we upped our support for the dental community with our innovate ten (10) years warranty plan that is designed to provide practitioners with peace of mind as they mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on their businesses. A 10 year warranty on the best OPG and CBCT x-ray machines in Malaysia truly sets a new standard in CBCT assurance, proudly pioneered by Vatech Malaysia.

As usual we were glad to see familiar faces and new friends at our booths. Thank you everyone for taking the time to chat and have a coffee or two with us! We also would like to express our gratitude to the Malaysian Dental Association for strict crowd control and for the smooth running of the event.

Cheers and see you again soon! Meanwhile, stay healthy, stay safe and stay positive.

Last but not least, if you are considering to set up a new dental clinic or if you would like to expand your dental practice, we are here for you. Besides affordable entry-level intra-oral x-rays and sensors (our best selling dental sensor is our EzySensor and we are offering a 30-day trial now), you can express your interest in our preloved OPG units as well.
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Here is our intra-oral and extra-oral dental products line-up: Rest assured that you are in good hands with Vatech, the brand that offers the best dental x-rays machines and dental imaging solutions in Malaysia.

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