Vatech ValueUP ELITE in Penang

Vatech ValueUP ELITE in Penang

ValueUP ELITE is different from what we have done previously. It is because we took an out-of-the-ordinary idea by inviting Mr Josh Chua, the co-founder of the Clique Clinic, a respected Klang Valley-based aesthetic business, to lead our Value UP ELITE in Penang this time.

The session was interesting since Josh selflessly gave us the essential tips and SOPs of his practice that are adjusted to maintain competitiveness in the challenging medical aesthetic field. Gratefully, after we went to all of the troubles of trying out this idea, we received a lot of positive testimonials from the attendees. These are the testaments of how successful this event is and also proof of how well we do our work in organising this event.


After the session, in the addition of the discussion that we had with Josh, our attendees enjoy an exclusive proposition of driving a BMW car that is proposed by Auto Bavaria Penang. For their kind-hearted offer and the hospitality that they have shown us, we expressed a heartfelt appreciation to them.

NOTE: Value UP is complimentary for Vatech users. Do chat with us ( OR if you’re interested to attend our Value UPs.

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