Vatech’s Dealer Partners Technical Training Days

Vatech’s Dealer Partners Technical Training Days

Day 1

We start the 1st day of our training program by starting a briefing session with the representatives that our dealer partners sent us. We share, listen, learn and enjoy the pleasure of being part of our sales network together. The briefing was very fruitful, and we all learned one or more useful things from it.

Day 2

The second day also begins with the briefing session of today’s training agenda. Then we proceed to introduce our product, the hardware, to the attendee’s 1st hand and show them the inside components of our products.

Day 3

For the third and the last day, we continue to explain how the product works by showing them directly. However, this time we also show them a short demonstration of how the machine will work in real-life. Then, we begin to teach and train the attendees about the software that is related to the operation of the machine.

Many technical skills require training and experience to master. We trust that our 3-day training provided a foundation for all present on the technicalities of Vatech’s digital imaging systems.

Many thanks to our dealer partners who have joined us, and to Vatech’s technical team, Char Lee and Eugene, for their in-depth sessions on the skills needed to assemble, disassemble, install, maintain, support and operate Vatech’s X-Rays.

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