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“I rely heavily on my PaX-i Pano Ceph, EzRay Air and EzSensor for our daily use at the clinic. The EzDent software allows for excellent patient communication and case acceptance increases because they can make an informed decision. Servicing is prompt and no technical issues have been encountered so far! I will always recommend Vatech to all my friends who are planning on setting up their dental practice.”

* PaX-i user since 2017.
Dr Jolene Lai
Pink & White Dental
“A happy user of Vatech Radiograph Machines for the past 5 years, and have own my own for close to 2 years. One of the most important aspect about buying an expensive machine like these, are the customer service support, which has been exceptionally well. Whenever help is needed, they are able to get the problem done swiftly and efficiently. If you're looking for a radiograph machine, look for Vatech Malaysia.”

* Vatech user for 7 years.
Foo Yau Han
Nova Dental
“Understanding that we were just starting up back then, Vatech was keen in offering us a payment plan to help ease our initial financial burden in order to get our practice up and running and for that we are truly grateful. We continue to be pleased with the fact that the Pax-i had a tremendously quick ROI particularly in our case as word got around fast that we are amongst the few clinics that is equipped with this state of the art machine. Patient conversion is much more effective given that we can get everything done under one roof. “

* Vatech user for 6 years.
Klinik Pergigian Dr Shal
“With over 15 OPG system acquisition, we have developed a unique partnership with Vatech over the years. When it comes to producing quality images, Vatech systems are second to none.”

* Over 15 PaX-i machines acquired.
Dr Kenneth Wong
Principal, Sim & Wong Dental
Co-Founder, Primecare Dental Clinic
“I have been using Vatech since 10 years ago. The machine is working well with little maintenance. Kenneth & team always respond to our problems fast. For the value & quality, i recommend Vatech!”

* Vatech user for 10 years.
Aric Chong
Smile Avenue Dental Surgery
“From Pax-i to Pax-i3D smart, I found that Vatech X-ray machine very user friendly. They provide very good after sales service.”

* Vatech user since year 2012.
Annie Ting
Ting Dental

Convenient and safe, this smart system removes the need for manual switching and prevents sensor damage due to mishandling.

Patient conversion is much more effective since patient can be treated for most indications under one roof, saving time and reducing patient turnover.

5 Years Warranty

The PaX-i SC allows practitioners to choose various capture mode based on their diagnostic needs.

Rather than upgrading the hardware of an aging imaging system, Vatech will provide a BRAND NEW 3D imaging system if you choose to exercise this policy. 0% Depreciation!

*T&C Apply.



Superb image quality paired with specialised sensors.


Vatech imaging software serves as a highly effective aid which ensures patients' comfort and fast work-flow for practitioners.


Built to retain value. Our 100% Buyback and Vatech Assurance offers you peace of mind and the ease of future upgrades.

Technical Support

Our users will have direct access to our team and we strive to answer any questions you have in 24 hours.


You can rely on us to deliver the best ownership experience. We strive to add real value and we create true partnerships, supporting our customers as their practice grow.

Trusted Brand

Vatech is a company with original technology for development, production, and manufacturing
in the X-ray field.

Great Response Time

Quick and personalized turnaround time.

Low Risk

Vatech machines are covered with 5 year warranty and 10 year warranty (CBCT only), one of the longest warranty in the market.

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Vatech is a global X-ray imaging company.

Vatech Malaysia started in 2011 and is currently the undisputed best-selling* dental X-ray brand at present. Our clients include both private and government organisations nationwide.

*Based on quantity sold